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Dr Kailas Roberts

Dr Kailas Roberts is a consultant psychiatrist and psychogeriatrician with over ten years’ experience in the field of old-age psychiatry. He runs a busy private practice caring for people with cognitive difficulties, and advises on management of the behavioural and psychological difficulties that often accompany dementia. He lives in Brisbane, and Mind Your Brain: The Essential Australian Guide to Dementia is his first book.

A doctor with a specialist interest in brain health and dementia, Dr Roberts completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Leicester in the UK. After qualifying as a doctor in 1998, he entered a number of rotations as a junior and senior house officer in the UK before moving to Australia in 2000. His initial intention was to come to the Antipodes for a relatively brief working holiday, but twenty years has gone by and he is still here. Prior to settling into a career in Psychiatry, he worked in various hospital Emergency Departments in Bolton in the UK and Darwin and Canberra in Australia.

Following a number of years of training in various psychiatric services - inpatient and community adult psychiatry, addiction services and child and youth mental health - Dr Roberts chose to subspecialise in Psychiatry of Old Age. His experience in this area has been gained in Canberra, Wales and Brisbane.

Dr Roberts gained Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of Psychiatry in 2009 and has subsequently been awarded a Certificate in Old Age Psychiatry. He has always had, and continues to have, unconditional registration with Australia's governing medical body, AHPRA.

He has have been living in Brisbane, Australia, since 2006, and has been in private practice for over ten years, providing advice to adults and the elderly on all matters psychiatric and cognitive. A large part of his work involves assessing individuals worried about their memory and those living with dementia.


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