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Welcome to Your Brain in Mind, a website created by brain health specialist Dr Kailas Roberts and dedicated to your grey and white matter. 

Within the site, you'll find information about many matters related to the brain, including how it functions when in good health, when to worry about changes in function and what can go wrong.

The performance of your brain is dependent on a number of factors. Some of these, including genetics and age, are not greatly amenable to intervention. Many others, however, are modifiable and this is something to cheer about. A large number of health and lifestyle interventions can be put in place to optimise our brain power and to delay the onset of degenerative conditions of the brain including dementia.

​Dr Roberts is the author of Mind Your Brain: The Essential Australian Guide to Dementia — published by The University of Queensland Press in early March 2021. This provides in depth information about keeping your brain healthy, how age affects the brain, how we as doctors assess memory loss and cognitive decline, and how to cope with the various challenges that dementia can create. It is designed for anyone involved in caring for someone with dementia, as well as those in the early stages of the illness themselves. It is also important reading for those wanting to reduce their risk of developing dementia. Details can be obtained by clicking on the 'book' icon above.​


Dr Roberts also in the process of developing a phone app - BrainScan - which assesses your individual modifiable risk factors for developing cognitive problems and provides tailored recommendations for addressing these. You can subscribe to an email list that provides updates about its release by clicking on the above 'app' icon.

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